Top 10 weirdest foods you can buy from a vending machine


Vending machines have really evolved. No longer are you limited to simply buying gumballs, candy, and soda. But the selection of foods you can buy from a machine has gotten a bit extreme. Here are 10 examples of the weirdest vending machine offerings, both local and international.

10. Raw meat.

Why buy it from a grocery store if you can get it from a vending machine?

A Birmingham, Alabama, company has a "Smart Butcher" vending machine that includes steaks, pork chops, pork tenderloin, sausages, and other meats ... all on sale for under $6 a cut.

9. French fries.

If you live in Asia or India and the drive-through isn't quick enough, now you can get your French fries directly from a vending machine, with salt and ketchup on the side if desired.

The "Patatas Chef" vending machine fries your order on the spot.

Top 10 weirdest foods you can buy from a vending machine

8. Fresh vegetables.

Japanese farmers have embraced vending machines, selling everything from mushrooms to cucumbers near transit centers.

Besides, who wouldn't want to bite into a fresh tomato while waiting to arrive at their next destination?

7. Cotton candy.

For just under $8,000, you too can have your very own cotton candy vending machine. There's something fascinating about watching the cotton candy get made, but who needs the nice man at the carnival when you can see it being made by a machine that also blares out music for your entertainment?

6. Canned bread.

Tokyo has a lot of things Americans aren't accustomed to seeing.

One of them is a vending machine that sells bread--in tin cans.

If canned bread doesn't sound appealing, just hop on a plane to France, where you can buy fresh baguettes made in vending machines. Not as good as the real thing, but a good substitute when the bakery is closed.

Top 10 weirdest foods you can buy from a vending machine

5. Got eggs?

Vendmach Consulting, a company based in western Romania, are pioneers in what they call egg vending automation. We're hoping things don't get too messy when they drop to the slot at the bottom.

4. Dutch croquettes.

We're not really sure whether you can find vending machines with Dutch croquettes in the Netherlands, but these "Quickies" have been spoted on the Rua José Bonifácio in São Paulo.

3. Bananas. Yes, you can find bananas in vending machines in Japan.

And thanks to a partnership between Fresh Del Monte Produce and the Wittern Group, they're available in the U.S. as well.

Top 10 weirdest foods you can buy from a vending machine
Tuli 100986

2. Live fresh crabs.

Shanghai Hairy Crabs sells 'em, and freshness is guaranteed!

In fact, if you buy a crab and it comes out of the machine dead, they'll replace it with not one, not two, but three fresh crabs. Sounds like a deal.

1. Lobsters.

These aren't exactly vending machines, but rather claw machines that you can find in movie theaters to try to win stuffed animals and other prizes. This time, the prize is a lobster. If you catch it, the restaurant will cook it.

Shamrocks Grill and Pub and Tiffany Sports Lounge in St. Paul, as well as Burrito Loco in Dinkytown, are some local restaurants where you can try your hand.

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