Top 10 Halloween costumes for foodies

Top 10 Halloween costumes for foodies

A food-related Halloween costume is a good idea for many reasons. First, they're usually pretty straightforward, which means you won't have to repeatedly explain that you're Spudnick all night. Second, and perhaps more important, they're often comfy and forgiving, so you don't have to worry about your beer/food belly protruding when you're trying to be a sexy piece of pizza. Third, donning a food costume tells the world you don't take yourself too seriously -- that is unless you dress as paddlefish roe or something. 

Here are some ideas for the procrastinator, the provocateur, and the pastry chef in all of us. 

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10. Best for last minute: Bag of jellybeans 

If you're scrambling around for a last-minute idea and have some basic party materials on hand, you can come up with this bag of jellybeans costume. Blow up a bunch of different colored balloons, cut arm and leg holes in a clear garbage bag, and wear a monochrome layer (preferably white) underneath. If you're feeling extra crafty and brand-specific, draw up a Jelly Belly logo and slap it on your torso somewhere or add a nutritional info label on your back.

9. Best for baby: Chipotle burrito
Do you have a baby you need to tote along to a party? Would you like that baby to remain comfortably swaddled while still keeping with a food theme? Would you like that baby costume to be very inexpensive since a baby has no idea what Halloween is and probably shouldn't even be dressed up in the first place? Then get a sheet of tin foil and an old Chipotle bag, and you're good to go. Bonus functionality: You can use the paper bag to dispose of dirty diapers throughout the night.

8. Best group idea: S'mores
Ditch the tired Fruit of the Loom fruits and the bunch of different colored M&Ms for this components of S'mores costume. Even if someone drops out, your individual costume will work on its own. 

6. Best obscene: Creep Boyardee
You are the kind of person who has an endless arsenal of juvenile jokes for any occasion where meatballs or sausages are served. This costume is for you. 

5. Best couples costume: Colonel and Bucket
Extra points if you grow your own beard and hand out chicken wings to Trick-or-Treaters.

4. Best for pets: Fast food icons
The weirdest part of this ensemble costume is the decision to add human arms sprouting from each mascot. Why? 

Top 10 Halloween costumes for foodies
Source Theme Park Review
3. Best for when you just want to wear your regular clothes: Guy who is Thinkin' Arby's
Even the laziest partygoer can be convinced to get into costume if all they have to do is untangle an old hanger, fashion an Arby's sign out of some foamy material, and position it like a curly fried halo over their head. 

2. Best WTF: Bacon mask
It's like the horrifying bunny mask from Donnie Darko but rendered in bacon. Get it? Rendered? Wear protective covering underneath this or prepare for the absolute worst zits of your life. 

1. Best overall: Chef and croquembouche
Amazing. Pro: The croquembouche part is fully edible and you would smell delicious. Con: Never being able to sit down. 

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