Top 10 Bloody Marys in the Twin Cities

The Bloody Peggy just doesn't have the same ring to it
The Bloody Peggy just doesn't have the same ring to it
Peggy from AMC's Mad Men
The Bloody Mary: Some like it hot, some like it extra hot, and some like it with an entire meal's worth of garnishes piled on top. From the stacked to the spicy to the newest out-of-the-box spin on this breakfast cocktail, we've sipped our way through the cities' best Bloody Marys and rounded up the top ten. Feast your eyes on the first five of our list, then get out and judge for yourself. Don't say we didn't warn you, though, if you get a bartender's stink-eye for ordering one of these after dark.

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Bloody Homer at Icehouse
Bloody Homer at Icehouse
Ben Lansky
10. Best Thick for the Thin
Icehouse's Simpsons-themed Bloody Homer, $11
Notable for its almost soup-like viscosity and the impressive amount of calories it packs into its garnishes -- which consist of a thick slab of chewy bacon skewered with a sugary mini donut -- the Bloody Homer at Icehouse is a brunch-only cocktail that's worth wading through the week for. Not down with so much pork in your drink? They make a vegetarian version appropriately called the Bloody Lisa that's finished with a skewer of house-made pickled veggies instead.
Smoked Poblano Bloody at Northbound 
Smoked Poblano Bloody at Northbound 
Emily Weiss

9. Best Smoke and Spice

Northbound Brewpub's Smoked Poblano Bloody, $7.50
It's tough to go to Northbound and not order one of their own beers, but the brewpub has actually boasted a full bar since its inception. Recently they added their take on the classic tomato-based cocktail: a subtly smoky version with plenty of black pepper and poblano in the mix. Squeeze in a little lemon for balance and the whole thing really comes together. It's served with olives and a celery-salted rim, but the pair of smoked white cheddar cheese curds are best saved for your dessert. 
Buddha Bloody at Eat Street Buddha Kitchen
Buddha Bloody at Eat Street Buddha Kitchen
Emily Weiss

8. Best Global Influence
Eat Street Buddha Kitchen's Buddha Bloody, $5
The blend of sweet roasted red peppers with chili-garlic and soy sauce makes for a unique and complex base to this Asian fusion bloody. The surprises keep coming as you bite into the the tempura-fried cranberry and curry cream cheese-stuffed olive that accompanies it. Light, bright, and umami-heavy, at just five bucks this might also be the best value for a brunch craft cocktail in Minneapolis. 
Bloody Swede at FIKA at American Swedish Institute
Bloody Swede at FIKA at American Swedish Institute
Kelly Moritz

7. Best Non-Vodka Version
FIKA'S Bloody Swede, $9
In the realm of classic American breakfast cocktails, the Bloody Swede at FIKA is as Swedish-American as you can get. Thoughtful touches, from the imported smoked salt (available at the museum gift shop) to the pearl onion garnish, make for a tart, savory, and complicated Bloody experience. "We use the North Shore aquavit," says executive chef Dustin Thompson. "It's not the usual caraway-bomb that a lot of European aquavit can be." The picked beet brine is the crowning touch: "The brine is whatever's left over from pickling beets for the restaurant, and that's what we use to doctor up the bloody," says Thompson. "Sugary, earthy, and acidic." We'll say skål to that any time of day.
Republic at Seven Corners bacon-infused bloody
Republic at Seven Corners bacon-infused bloody
Courtesy Republic's Facebook Page

6. Best DIY
Republic's well-stocked weekend bloody bar, $5 on Saturday and Sunday
Sometimes it really is more satisfying to make things yourself. So why shouldn't we extend the do-it-yourself culture we celebrate in publishing, music, and soap-making to creating a killer bloody? Though the Wild Onion's bloody bar is exceptional for the fact that they let you pour your own vodka, we like the mix and accoutrements selection at Republic so much more. Start with bacon or chipotle-laced mix, add in garlic-infused vodka, and top with every imaginable salty and/or pickled thing: asparagus, banana peppers, jalapenos, strips of bacon, cheese, and salami.

Check back in next Tuesday for the second installment of My Bloody Valentine...

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