Tonight on 'Hot Ones': Comedians Brandon Jay Riddley and Pierre Douglas eat, sweat, and cry like legends

Will Douglas and Riddley (pictured above, left to right) walk away with $25,000?

Will Douglas and Riddley (pictured above, left to right) walk away with $25,000? Hot Ones: The Game Show (via YouTube)

No matter what’s happening in the world, there’s one thing you can always count on: watching people cry after eating painfully spicy food will always be funny. 

Tonight, July 21, local comedians Brandon Jay Riddley and Pierre Douglas will prove it as contestants on Hot Ones: The Game Show on truTV. 

The concept is perfect: Two teams must eat chicken wings covered in violently spicy sauces while answering trivia questions. At stake is a chance to win $25,000. 

“I was already a big fan of the internet show,” says Riddley. “And I saw that they were looking for contestants for the game show. So, I went to the website and applied, and it said I needed a partner. The show was filming in Atlanta, and Pierre [Douglas] had just bought a house in Atlanta like, a week before, so that’s how he came in the picture.” 

Douglas, who splits his time between Minneapolis and Atlanta, was immediately on board to support his friend— even though he didn’t have much of a choice. “I didn’t really ask him. I just told him, ‘Hey I’m gonna be in Atlanta, and I used your address to sign up for this show, so we’re going to do it,’” Riddley says. 

“He told me that I had to,” Douglas confirms. 

While they might be game show newbies, Riddley and Douglas are no strangers to show business. They started their standup careers roughly eight years ago, and became fast friends, as well as co-owners of St. Paul’s Baddie’s Comedy Co. Though the club is no more, both are still busy with performing (Douglas will be performing at Sisyphus Brewing this Friday) and podcasts. However, this will be both of their TV debuts. 

“They filmed it right after Thanksgiving, and I know it was right after Thanksgiving because I had gained like 30 pounds,” Riddley says. “It was always my dream to cry and throw up on TV. To disgust all of the women across the world from ever considering me attractive was always my goal. Crying real tears and sweating and looking 30 pounds heavier than I am on TV has always been the dream. Thank you, Hot Ones!” 

We’ll have to wait until the show airs to find out if they win, but the one thing they can talk about is just how painful the experience truly was. 

“The hot sauce boggled my brain,” says Douglas. “It was hard to concentrate on the questions because I was focusing on breathing, cooling my mouth, my stomach was going crazy. But I didn’t know any of that shit anyways.” 

“I told him, ‘Just shut up and eat this hot shit and let me try and answer these questions,’” says Riddley.

As for their futures as competitive hot wing eaters, neither man seems like he’s quite ready to sauce up anytime soon. 

“I’m traumatized,” Riddley says. “I’m getting sick and start having flashbacks when I start smelling wings and hot sauce.” 

“Yeah, I converted to dry, plain wings,” Douglas adds. But if they do win tonight, could they have a future as full-time hot wing comics? 

“Maybe,” says Riddley. “But I won’t be getting high off my own supply.” 

Watch Brandon Jay Riddley and Pierre Douglas on Hot Ones: The Game Show tonight, Tuesday July 21, at 8 p.m. on truTV.