Tomorrow is National Pie Day!


Not to be confused with the almost equally awesome National Pi Day In March (on 3/14 of course), the American Pie Council has designated Jan. 23 as National Pie Day. That'd be maƱana. We're of what you might call a more liberal persuasion as far as pies are concerned. Pizza, quiche, pot pies -- bring it! All the more reason to celebrate.

And if you happen to be looking for a recommendation on the traditional pie front, may we suggest Stockholm Pie Company in Stockholm, Wis.? (The area is also home to another pie joint, the infamous "Pizza Farm," though you'll have to wait until Tuesday for that.) The pie shop is only open Fri.-Sun., so tomorrow's a hot chance to get down there. CP Food Critic Rachel Hutton wrote glowingly about the place last year. Here's a tidbit:

[Owner and Head Baker Janet] Garretson makes all the customary crowd-pleasers, including a lovely whipped-cream-topped butterscotch pie, which tastes as familiar as the Jell-O version but lacks unpronounceable ingredients. She also doesn't neglect old-time classics on the brink of extinction, and her sour cream raisin is the best version I've ever tried. Based on my sampling, Garretson's triple-ingredient pies are grand-slam home runs. Triple berry, made with fresh raspberries, blackberries, and blueberries, is a sweet, jammy delight, with a light, tender crust that nearly floats on top. Triple chocolate, chock-full of almonds, pecans, and coconut, tastes as decadent as a seven-layer bar.

Or maybe this will get you in the mood. [NOTE: Joking. This is legitimately gross. Watch at your own risk. It's funny though.] "Lard Ass, Lard Ass, Lard Ass!!!"

Have an awesome National Pie Day! Where is your favorite place to get a slice of pie?