Tomi Lahren's Minneapolis brunch spoiled by thrown drink, heckling [VIDEO]

Tomi Lahren's brunch at UNION's rooftop brunch ended badly.

Tomi Lahren's brunch at UNION's rooftop brunch ended badly. Instagram/Twitter

Tomi Lahren was in Minneapolis for the weekend for an appearance at the Pantages Theatre, where Lahren's uniquely bleached brand of troll-dom was on display in a talk on "family, freedom, and final thoughts."

Why "final thoughts"? Does Tomi know something we don't? (Doubtful.)

The morning after her talk, Lahren sought brunch in downtown Minneapolis, and apparently made her way to the rooftop of UNION Restaurant on Hennepin Avenue. We know not how her meal was. We do know, thanks to Instagram posts that appeared Monday, and have since been circulated widely, that her exit went poorly. 

One short clip shows a woman standing to throw "a drink" -- looks like water, to us -- at Tomi as she walks past.

The Fox News contributor apparently stopped and turned back to confront the water-thrower's table, at which point a man yelled, "Fuck that bitch!," "Fuck that hoe!," "Racist-ass bitch!," before asking: "Why you even out here?"


Within a couple seconds, she wasn't: Lahren ended the confrontation and left the scene.

The woman left standing there talking to patrons after Tomi retreats might just be Lahren's mom: TMZ reports "some of the water got on Tomi's mom as well."

TMZ also passes along information from "sources close to Tomi," who report that this drink-throwing was "completely unprovoked." Completely! Except for, like, 500 things she's said on national television

Just last week, City Pages brought you the story of Tomi Lahren's uncovered Minnesota roots, which tie her back to immigrant ancestors, Norwegians who spoke little or no English. We suspect those simple farm folk would have trouble wrapping their heads around almost every single aspect of this more recent event: downtown, rooftop dining, brunch, Instagram, purposely spilling any amount of potable water -- and, perhaps most curious of all, just why this mean young descendant of theirs is so well-known.