Tollefson Family Grill: A new food truck alert

Back in 2006, Minneapolis Farmers Market staples Dan and Jenny Tollefson of Tollefson Family Pork won the City Pages award for Best Hot Dog. They've remained regular vendors at several local farmers markets and added all kinds of new pork products to their repertoire, including an ingenious bratwurst burger. Now they're expanding their business and bringing pulled pork to the masses with a shiny new food truck.

Here are some details about what's on the menu and where you can find them:

The Tollefson family raises their animals on an all-natural diet that incorporates fish oil and soybean oil, making the pork rich in omega 3 fatty acids and lower in saturated fat. Their loins, shoulders, and chops are always perfectly marbled and amazing when cooked on the grill. Also amazing on the grill? Their hot dogs and sausages, which thankfully are on their food truck menu.

Other items are their menu include an Asian-inspired BBQ pulled pork sandwich, pork patties (served like a burger), smoked Italian sausage, brats, and cheddar polish.

We highly recommend tracking them down if you find yourself near Nicollet and 5th, where they are usually parked and open for lunch. For their detailed location information, follow them on Twitter @TollefsonPork

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