Today's free Smashburgers cancelled


For those hoping to stop by the Smashmobile that planned to park at Peavey Plaza today and hand out free burgers, please go do some yoga or smoke a cigarette or whatever you need to do to keep yourself calm: the event has been cancelled. (I really hope it won't incite another Popeye's incident. If so, DeRusha, will you get out there and soothe the angry masses?)

Apparently there was a small gas leak in the Smashmobile (the company's roving, burger-dispensing vehicle) and they had to cancel for safety reasons. Looks like we're going to have to all sit tight until May 9, when the restaurant opens at 3900 Silver Lake Road in St. Anthony. The company sends its apologies and says they plan to have the Smashmobile return to the Twin Cities later this summer.