Today is National Sandwich Day


There is literally a national food-related holiday pretty much every day of the year. Every month (and many weeks) seem to honor some type of food as well. Nothing is neglected: Candied-orange peel? That's May 4 of course. TV Dinner Day? September 10. The third week of October is National Kraut Sandwich Week (what does that even mean?). And November alone is National Pecan, Good Nutrition, Peanut Butter Lovers', Pepper, Raisin Bread and Vegan Month. As you can see, some are more worth it than others. Today is totally worth it.

In honor of National Sandwich Day, here's a few nudges in the direction toward some of the our faves, with backup from CP's resident sandwich expert Teddy Hobbins:

  • Manny's Tortas. We think tortas are totally the new banh mi, so if you haven't yet sworn your allegiance, here's your chance. Hobbins calls Manny's Special eligible for "rockstar status" in his book, earning it an "Epic" rating. "The sandwich was truly creative and perfectly executed."
  • Clancey's. While the spicy mustard is controversial, this is my personal fave. Here's Hobbins' description: "First they split a really nice Rustica Baguette (we're off to a good start) and generously slather on mayo and mustard. Next, they jam on piles and piles of their velvety, and perfectly tender roast beef. The roast beef then gets a thin layer of mellow swiss, some paper-thin red onion, some lettuce for crunch and lots of roasted and hot peppers." Word.
  • Be'wiched. This place makes the kind of sandwich that make you temporarily lose your faculties. You could totally be sitting on the ratty old rug in your front room, or in your car, it doesn't matter. The world just sort of ... stops. Here's a few menu details from Hobbins: "Recent pleasant experiences include a meltingly tender roast beef, havarti, horseradish and onion jam darling and an amazing smoked turkey sandwich with bacon, medjool dates and goat cheese - seriously, how do you even think of that?" The pastrami is rad too. Totally transportative.
  • Cheeky Monkey. Haven't actually been by here yet, and totally hate myself for it, because everyone I know is beaucoup bananas for the place. Can't wait to check it out. Here's a tidbit from Hobbins about the divinity of Cheeky Monkey's meatloaf sandwich: "Normally this menu item seems like a safe play, but the Cheeky Monkey really updated this classic by constructing it with bacon, spicy mustard, cheddar cheese and pickled chilies. Let me just say that my sandwich world could now easily be ruled by the bacon, cheddar and chili triumvirate."

We know we're missing a bunch (Rustica, 112 Eatery, and St. Paul Cheese Shop for starters), but this is just to get your motors running. Do tell us what you decide. Go sandwiches!