Today is National Doughnut Day!


Whyyyy Minnesota, don't you have Krispy Kreme and Dunkin' Donuts? I know we're at least supposed to have like some insane triple digit number of Dunkin' Donuts on the scene any day now possibly and their doughnuts got nuthin on their coffee but there are just a couple, nay several, days a year where a doughnut, even a mediocre verging on sawdust doughnut is the only way to go. Today is one such day: National Doughnut Day.

Check out this great conversation about Dunkin' Donuts between CP Food Editor Rachel Hutton and former CP food writer slash current Heavy Table Editor Jim Norton.

Actually, you know what, Dunkin' Donuts? I think we'll actually do just fine without you. We've got A Baker's Wife for starters, whose crisp, cinnamony pillows of dough make a perfect little warm weight in your stomach to start off a Friday morning. If the Twins were playing at home today (dang), you could tailgate on mini-donuts outside the Metrodome. To finish off your doughnut date, you could stop by Moto-i for an order of their their crunchy-delish Japanese style dessert doughnuts. There's always the not-doughnut doughnut-type treats, like one of those gingerbread pigs, "marranitos," from a Mexican bakery.