Today Is National Donut Day: Five Spots to Celebrate


Because you needed a reason? As with doing the upside-down beer bong at a frat party, having a rip in your nylons at the goth convention, or eating the whole box of Rice Krispies after testing out your roommate's glaucoma meds, you'll get no judgment here anytime you want a donut.

But if you are a celebratory sort and the calendar dictates your every move, know that today is in fact National Donut Day, so you've got double the reason to buy the baker's dozen. A few places for sweet inspiration:

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Every city needs a definitive darling of donutdom, and our du jour spot is Bogarts. They've got all the markers of greatness: lines around the block, brioche dough, a small batch, when-they're-gone-they're-gone policy, and a bent toward the classics -- raised glazed, chocolate cake, sprinkle cake, donut holes, et al.

Who doesn't want a side of cheesecake with their donut? And by that we mean pretty ladies, dressed up in pinup gear, because sweet stuff should apply to the eye as much as the mouth. Glam Doll takes their namesake seriously, where the gals and the eats are gussied up to the nth degree: Flirty Frenchie with espresso cream cheese, Pinup Girl with apple bourbon and optional bacon, and showstopper Night Moves, with blackberry jam, blackberry Hennessy, and brown sugar bits. There's also a full list of vegan options.

Chef Shack, run by the famous, genius, dynamic duo Lisa Carlson and Carrie Summer, did the impossible: they made seemingly unimprovable mini donuts better with the addition of Indian spices. But even Houdini was unable to remain relevant with one magic trick alone regardless of how great, and these girls got that memo. In honor of today's holiday, they are taking their already famed donuts, and bruleeing them. That's immersing them in a creamy custard and torching the top to a sugary, caramelized, toasty brown. I mean, how could you not??

Indian spiced mini donuts being deliciously bruleed

Indian spiced mini donuts being deliciously bruleed

The hands-down, definitive fave of those of a certain age (and by that we mean people who know better), A Baker's Wife is as classic as they come, with the kind of European tradition pastry work that not just your grandma but your nana knew about: Danish, tea cakes, palmiers, and other steadying treats to put next to a cup of black coffee, the sum total making the drizzling rain seem downright nice and easy.

For pitch-perfect donuts every time, Mojo Monkey gets our tip of the hat. They're not trying to be "this" kind or "that" kind, unless it's spot-on excellent: crullers, fritters, twists, Bismarcks -- theirs trend toward the levity of choux dough, with no hint of grease. Add the cutest logo in town and one-dollar coffee and the antidepressant industry is doomed. This is what makes happy.

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