To heck with football, go to Cheesetoberfest this Sunday instead

Go to Cheesetober Fest and get All The Cheese.

Go to Cheesetober Fest and get All The Cheese. Photo courtesy of Lone Grazer Creamery Facebook Page

All the ways that the upcoming Cheesetoberfest at Food Building is superior to football? Let us count:

No cheeseheads, but strictly cheese you can eat.

Macaroni and cheese made with local Dumpling and Strand noodles.

Aligot potatoes with Raclette.

Hold up -- have you had Aligot potatoes? Strap in. Aligot potatoes are made by blending cheese into mashed potatoes, and are about as much cheese as potato. So, when you pull fork from dish to mouth, the thing stretches, fondue-like. It’s difficult to grasp the full decadence of this experience, so you must go and do so. And thanks to Cheesetoberfest, you can.

A Giant Cheese Board.

I’ll type it again: Giant Cheese Board. Upon that board: local cheeses from Shepherd’s Way Farms, Alemar, the Lone Grazer, Caves of Faribault, and others.

The opening of a giant cheese wheel.

Have you ever seen a giant wheel of cheese get opened? This is another bucket list item for the true caseophile. Surdyk’s Cheese Shop will be on hand to show how it’s done.

And because man can’t live on cheese alone, there will be biscuits from Baker’s Field, pastries from Alma, beer from Indeed, and live music and a raffle.

The whole cheesy deal takes place this Sunday, October 23. $38. Purchase tickets here

Food Building
1401 Marshall St. NE, Minneapolis