‘Tis the season for toasting: All you need to know about sparkling wine

Learn to talk about champagne like a real wine snob.

Learn to talk about champagne like a real wine snob.

The holiday celebration season is upon us. Odds are, you have at least a couple of parties on your social calendar, whether it’s obligatory (we’re talking about you office party) or something more fun, like a gathering of old friends. And when you think celebration, you think bubbles. Especially for ringing in the New Year, but really, is there ever a wrong time for sparkling wine?

If your only experience with this magical potion that dances on your tongue like a million tiny elves doing a happy dance consists of the bargain bin bottles, tasting the real deal will be a revelation. And the folks at Henry & Son are here to be your guides. This Tuesday, they will share their knowledge, and perhaps most importantly, their favorite sparking wines.

You’ll learn about the different methods of sparkling wine production, from the traditional (method champenoise) to the experimental (Soda Stream carbonated – who knew?). How do various grapes influence the final personality of the wine? You’ll find out. And tasting. There will be tasting — sparkling wines from France, Italy, Spain and California. You’ll learn why not all sparkling wine can be called Champagne, what’s worth a splurge for a holiday toast with that special someone, and discover some good values for entertaining a crowd, or sipping on a weeknight with your pizza.

Sparkling Wine Class, $30 (tickets available at the store or online)

Tuesday, Dec. 15, 6:30 p.m. – 7:30 p.m.

Henry & Son

811 Glenwood Ave., Minneapolis