Tinucci's has last laugh: Business is booming after Moss tirade


While Randy Moss was going out in a blaze of shit-talking glory before being waived by the Vikings, he managed to burn Tinucci's Restaurant, which catered a post-practice buffet.

"I wouldn't feed this [expletive] to my [expletive] dog," he reportedly said in front of owner Gus Tinucci.

Well, it appears Tinucci's is getting the last laugh, in more ways than one.


On Friday, the restaurant promised a free lunch to the first 50 patrons who traded in their No. 84 Moss jerseys--they got swamped by about 500 patrons. They've wrangled a few catering jobs out of their new notoriety, and they had a three-hour line for Saturday dinner. It seems people from all over the region are showing up to find out how bad the food could possibly be.

According to our visit, not that bad.

The Tinuccis have also printed a shirt that says "Tinucci's caters to the best... no Moss." All 400 have sold out. And there's even a special purple doggy bag in the works--the Randy Bag, with a big X through the number 84.

It seems not only do the Tincuccis know how to make a mean penne, they also have a pretty good recipe for lemonade.