Tin Bins opens in Stillwater

Tin Bins has taken over the Commander Grain Elevator by the river.
Tin Bins has taken over the Commander Grain Elevator by the river.

There's a new eatery for you to try out on your next summer road trip into Stillwater. Tin Bins finally opened up to the public just before the big Independence Day holiday. The bar and cafe features light cuisine and drinks just a stone's throw away from the St. Croix River and the city's iconic lift bridge.

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Earlier this spring, the Pioneer Press reported that remodeling had begun on the old Commander Grain Elevator on Nelson Street to make way for the new eatery. The space now boasts clean-cut, wooden surfaces juxtaposed with corrugated sheet metal for a contemporary look while still embracing the building's historic side.

If it feels familiar when you walk in, Tin Bins' owners Sherri Hopfe and Mike McGuire also own the Dock Cafe in Stillwater. However, unlike Dock Cafe's menu, Tin Bins focuses more on light food like sandwiches and salads, along with appetizers and pastries.

The best part about Tin Bins? It's a tie between the 40-seat patio with a gorgeous view and the restaurant's picnic service.

No more packing a lunch in the Twin Cities and ending up with wilting lettuce by the time you get to Stillwater. If you call ahead of time, you can reserve a meal (lunch or dinner) at Tin Bins along with all the makings of a great picnic -- blanket, basket, and all.

Tin Bins 413 East Nelson Street, Stillwater 651.342.0799

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