Tilted Kilt Breastaurant Chain Ogles Midwest, Wants to Open 6 Pubs in Minneapolis

Waitresses proudly display the traditional Scottish tartans of their clans

Waitresses proudly display the traditional Scottish tartans of their clans

Arizona-based "breastaurant" chain Tilted Kilt is developing its market share in the Midwest, banking on the economic viability of jiggly boobs and Celtic traditions.

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According to a much-anticipated statement released to eager, very eager, reporters on Wednesday, Tilted Kilt will be opening 20 new pubs in the Midwest. The company is actively looking for franchisees.

"Minneapolis is the strongest untouched market in the United States for Tilted Kilt and can hold up to six pubs," the statement reads.

With over 100 Celtic-themed public houses in the U.S. and Canada, Tilted Kilt has hit upon a curious but strangely potent combination of big-screen TVs, pints of Guinness, hearty Olde Dublin Irish Stew, and a sophisticated atmo for gentleman to watch sweater puppies dance traditional Irish jigs.

Minnesota currently has but one bastion of honkers and pub grub -- the Hooters at the Mall of America. The quintessential breastaurant chain shuttered its downtown Minneapolis location in 2010, after years of scathing disapproval from local leaders.

By comparison, Wisconsin has four Hooters locations and two Tilted Kilt locations.

Will Tilted Kilt be our big, bouncing cultural juggernaut, the final answer to the question: jugs, or not? Franchisees, the state of Minnesota awaits.

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