Tiger Sushi 2's Little Black Dress is the skinny, sparkly drink of the week

This cocktail has Veev.

This cocktail has Veev.

Little Black Dress

Tiger Sushi 2
2841 Lyndale Ave S
Minneapolis, MN

Have you been enjoying all the holidays have to offer in the way of food and drink? Have the freezing cold temps sent you running for the comfort of carbs, cookies, and cocktails? We understand. And in the interest of keeping a lid on the whole overindulging aspect of the season, we set out to find a festive libation that could also help keep waistlines in line.

This led us uptown to Tiger Sushi 2 in the ice and snow. For about three weeks it's been offering a "What's the Skinny?" set of drinks, which each have less than 125 calories. So we scarfed down a few pieces of unagi and ordered the Little Black Dress, which is made with VeeV, an açai spirit and weighs in at a skinny 100 calories.

Was our conscientious choice rewarded? Or should we have stayed with the brown liquors?

The Little Black Dress is made from the aforementioned VeeV over ice with a splash of club soda and a frozen blackberry. It's ultra-crisp and cool, and looks just like one of those drinks the gals from Sex and the City would have sipped down while gossiping. Also, it's definitely appropriate for pairing with sushi, as it's light and won't overwhelm any subtle flavors. But, it will not keep you warm like a brown liquor. However, if what you seek is a healthier tipple, the Little Black Dress can fill that bill.