Thrillist names Natedogs one of the 21 best food trucks in America

Natedogs makes Thrillist's list of the 21 best food trucks in America
Natedogs makes Thrillist's list of the 21 best food trucks in America
Eliesa Johnson for Natedogs

Hot dog carts were making street-eating cool long before the food truck craze, and Natedogs, with its locally sourced meats and house-made condiments, takes that cool to another level. It's no surprise then that Thrillist has put this Twin Cities hot dog hawker on its list of the 21 best food trucks in America.

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"This simple, bright-orange cart packs some serious punch with skin-on wieners and brats topped with a choice of scratch-made beer mustards, relishes, and caramelized onions," Thrillist says. "If you're trying to regulate your cholesterol, you might want to order just one... then chill 'til the next episode to try more."

The man behind the truck, which is actually more of a small cart, is Nate Beck and he says he got the idea to start Natedogs after a major life change. "I lost my job. It was either go and get a new job or create my own, so I decided to start Natedogs."

We asked him how it felt to get put on Thrillist's exclusive list. "Honestly, I was floored to find out that I made the list. I have been blessed with some great local press but to now be included in a national list of "best-of-the-best" feels pretty great," he says. "It's also extremely satisfying to me that a relatively tiny cart can compete with the best trucks in the country."

Of course, it's not the size of the cart that matters, but the quality of the wiener. And as the Natedogs logo proclaims, they've got "fresh and delicious, quality wieners" made right here in Minnesota.

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