Thrillist: Brit's Pub is one of America's best rooftop bars. Related: Someone bought Brit's.

Thrillist agrees Brit's Pub is a great place to do whatever this person is doing!

Thrillist agrees Brit's Pub is a great place to do whatever this person is doing! David Joles, Star Tribune

If'n you're lookin' to be outside and consume food or drinks in America and insist on having some sort of view, you've got options. Lots of them.

But ask the well-informed folks at Thrillist, and you'll learn some rooftop bars are better than others. The list-maker extraordinaires just compiled a set of 23 rooftop bars in these tenuously and tangentially United States. 

"Drinking is fun," Thrillist tells readers with this listicle's first line, effortlessly alienating any who don't agree. Thrillist goes on just as boldly:

"Drinking outside is more fun. Drinking outside on a rooftop, literally looking down on all the poor souls who aren't drinking outside on a rooftop, is inarguably the most fun."

A more inclusive take would point out that if you don't drink alcohol, you can still enjoy a night (or afternoon, or even a lively morning) high above the street level, and look down upon people and judge them for not being at your table. We 100 percent support this type of aerial snobbery.

Though the weather's not always perfect (or bearable or survivable for even a few minutes at a time, if we're being honest) in the Twin Cities, we've got our fair share of rooftop options. Hewing Hotel is a hot spot for hot people, local or otherwise, and UNION is a great place to take in a drag show or see a pretty young right-wing monster get her comeuppance.

Thrillist, for its part, favors Brit's Pub. The massive and massively popular outdoor boozin'/British food/soccer/rugby/lawn bowling/getting-sunburned-with-friends haven made Thrillist's lofty (pun probably intended?) list, placing it among a place called "Top of the Strand" in New York City, another called "Perch" in L.A., and one called "El Techo" (Spanish for roof or ceiling) in San Francisco. 

Here's how Thrillist characterizes Brit's:

"The go-to football (the overseas kind) viewing destination for Twin Cities Anglophiles, what the UK-channeling institution may lack in height (the rooftop is merely a second-floor haunt) it makes up for in amenities. For example, there’s a gloriously green court for bocce ball (ahem, lawn bowling). There’s also an enviable selection of European ales and lagers. There’s also the occasional freewheeling Shakespearean production because you’re cultured, dammit. Most importantly, there’s the knowledge that Minnesota summers are precious and you need to soak in every last moment of sunlight that you can."

They're not wrong, and this season's turning into a pretty nice one lately.

OK but, reader: Are you sitting down? We have some... interesting news. According to a press release issued just this morning, Brit's was bought by Kaskaid Hospitality, the same ownership group behind CRAVE, the aforementioned UNION, and REV Ultra Lounge, among other facilities that take risks with capitalization. 

In announcing the purchase, Kaskaid founder Kam Talebi called Brit's a "powerful and iconic brand," while Brit's general manager Shane Higgins said the sale means "an evolution of ownership, but not of philosophy." Let's hope that means it's still a fine place to people-watch dude-bros squinting into the sun and praying for soccer goals.

Speaking of which... the U.S. Women's National Team is charging right through the 2019 Women's World Cup just as scarily as we'd all hoped, and has its quarterfinals match against France at 2 p.m. on Friday. Take Thrillist up on its advice and try out Brit's, the pub scene so swell even City Pages knows it's good.