Those Mucci's doughnuts you're obsessed with aren't long for this world


:( Instagram: @muccisitalian

Folks: Doughnuts are good.

But even in a city increasingly flooded with them, a darling stands out among fried dough fans. We're talking about the weekend-morning-only doughnuts at Mucci's Italian, which—both because they're limited and because they're delicious—regularly have folks lining up at the corner of Randolph Ave. and View St in St. Paul. 

But those hulking, colorful cult favorites are going away.

Mucci's shared the news on Facebook and Instagram earlier this week, where folks in the comments are yelling, cry-face-emoji-ing, or bargaining for some sort of once-a-month compromise.

"Listen up fam!" the post reads. "Mucci’s Italian has loved bringing you delicious and unexpected doughnuts these past three years. While you may see them again in the future, our family has decided to discontinue weekly doughnut service."

You still have a little time left to tear into one of these flaky, tasty bad boys—they'll be available on weekends through Sunday, January 27—and it sounds like they're not going away forever.

Which makes them even rarer. 

Which means... goddammit, now we want them even more.