This week's "Best of Hot Dish"

What are you doing to rock out this summer? Here's some of what we've been up to -- eatingwise, drinkingwise, and reportingwise -- in case you've missed it:

  • DIY seafood boil: " ... [T]here is no reason why us Midwesterners shouldn't enjoy a spicy pot of fresh seafood, boiled with garden fresh local vegetables, poured out on top of a newspaper covered table."
  • D'Amico's taking over at Chambers: "In some respects, choosing an outsider to run the high-profile restaurant seemed a bit of a slight to homegrown talen ..."
  • Garlic scapes: "The Watertown-based Swede Lake [Farms] has some ready recipes to get you started ..."
  • Sangria: "A drink made for sharing ..."
  • Farmers' market hot dogs: "It depends on how much of a purist you are, and how much you favor atmosphere while you nosh."

Have a great holiday weekend.

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