This week's "Best of Hot Dish"

A lot of what we talked about this week on Hot Dish had to do with stuff that hasn't happened yet, stuff we're looking forward to, like Chef Shack II and SurlyFest, oh, and did we mention the fair starts next week? We also talked some about brand spanking new eats including Sea Change and Kings Wine Bar. Here's are faves from the last week:

  • Rachel told us about a cool online beer sommelier. Wonder what goes with soy nuts?
  • We played around far too much with the Fair Finder. But it was worth it to find about about caprese-on-a-stick!
  • We learned that kale is more than just for rabbits and guinea pigs. Just kidding, we already knew that. Kale rocks!
  • Michelle reported that Kings Wine Bar in the Kingfield neighborhood of South Minneapolis is now open -- finally!
  • We got all kinds of excited about SurlyFest. Did you get tickets yet?

Have great weekends, everyone.

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