This week's "Best of Hot Dish"

It's always a good week when a new Summit comes out, no? This week witnessed the official launch of the second beer in the brewery's "Unchained Series," which gives brewers a chance to showcase their skills and come up with a dream beer. This one's called 90/-. It was a good week for some other reasons too. Check it out yo.

  • We've got some great croissants in town. We got a glimpse of two.
  • What gross things grace your Thanksgiving table. Comisserate with us.
  • Viagra + passion fruit + the elderly = ?
  • Are onion blossoms really all that bad? They got voted one of the decade's top worst dining trends.
  • What "schizophrenic" local sandwich approaches Jabba the Hutt size proportions?

Is it gonna snow this weekend or what? Have a great weekend, everybody.

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