This week at Grumpy's ...


I am, inexplicably, an unabashed fan of Har Mar Superstar, so how excited was I to find out that he's guest bartending this week at Grumpy's? Har Mar aka Sean Na Na aka Sean Tillman will be making brief appearances at two of the three Grumpy's locations this week.

Hm, how to explain Har Mar. If you've seen "Starsky and Hutch," the Minnesota son essentially played himself in a cameo as "Dancing Rick" in which he did an over the top dance-off with a coked up Starsky (played by Ben Stiller).

Think Ron Jeremy wearing assless chaps belting Jackson 5-esque tunes, and here's your chance to get a pint from the guy. He did some funny Vladivar Vodka ads a while back, worth re-checking out (this is one of three versions):