This week at Coastal Seafoods ...


Sea bass made from French Laundry recipe. biskuit/Flickr

Coastal Seafoods is getting us primed for grilling and warm weather by having a sale on a good, light summertime fish: sea bass. Tomorrow and Saturday the fish -- wild, from Massachusetts -- is $4.00 off, at $10.99/lb.

But whatever shall you do with your precious sea bass? Here's what some celebuchefs have to say about the matter:

Martha Stewart has a boatload of sea bass recipes. Here's a quick and easy one that calls for blood oranges, which are in season right now: Striped Sea Bass with Blood Oranges and Olives

Rachael Ray has a simple, light recipe for sea bass, hobo dinner style: Sea Bass Puttanesca in a Foil Pouch

Our own Andrew Zimmern gets in on the sea bass action, this one with veggies and a shellfish cream: Pan Seared Bass on Provencale-Style Vegetables and Shrimp Sauce

If you're a pocket seafood guide type, Environmental Defense Fund says that while farm-raised sea bass are preferable, wild-caught is ok if consumed sparingly. The species is not threatened but does carry more toxins than its farm-raised brethren.

The mercury-laden Chilean sea bass (aka Patagonian toothfish) is a no no sez EDF.