This Thursday, J. Selby's is serving up a free Thanksgiving meal for the community

A positively packed "Thanksgiving Bowl," yours for free.

A positively packed "Thanksgiving Bowl," yours for free. J. Selby's

Fun little fact about Thanksgiving? Most of what we're taught about it is a total fabrication.

For example: There's uh, literally no indication that the settlers even invited neighboring natives to their feast. 

The friendly vegans at J. Selby's are much more charitable than those Brits. This year, for the second time, not only are they throwing open the doors on Thanksgiving Day, they're also serving up a plant-based meal, free of charge. 

The regular menu won't be offered Thursday, so don't come in expecting to get a gratis Dirty Secret or cauliflower wings. Instead, J. Selby's will have have special holiday offerings: mashed potatoes, stuffing, seasonal veg rice pilaf, cranberry sauce, rolls. 

You can still toss down money for a drink or two, and if you've any extra cash, we suggest making a donation—they'll be collecting funds for the Franklin/Hiawatha Encampment.

During 2017's inaugural freebie dinner, donations topped $700. Owner Matt Clayton hopes with this year's meal—available from noon to 6 p.m., in the dining room or to-go—they'll raise upwards of $1,000. 

Clayton thinks the meal fits right in with their dual mission to bring plant-based food to all and make a difference in the community. "In this case, raising money to support Franklin/Hiawatha Encampment, which is bringing long overdue attention to the tragedy of homelessness, especially among people of Native American descent,” he said in a statement last week. 

(He's not the only vegan hoping to make a difference, either. If your Thursday plans are already squared away, stop by Eureka Compass the day before and snag a pay-what-you-can plant-based plate: cornbread, greens, herbed potatoes and carrots, garbanzo and root veggie fritter, squash and black bean casserole, and a pumpkin scone.)

Maybe you're thinking, "Sure, okay, this all sounds nice. But it won't be a Thanksgiving spread without a turkey."

If so, you should know something else about the myth surrounding the holiday...

There's also no evidence that there was turkey on the table at all.

J.Selby’s 2nd Annual Free Thanksgiving Dinner
Thursday, November 22 from noon to 6 p.m.
169 N. Victoria St.; St. Paul