"This is why you're fat" site inducing gag reflexes everywhere


A clearinghouse for photos of disgusting food surfaced this week.

Subtitled "Where heart attacks become dreams," the site allows people to post the worst of the worst (most involving one or more of the triumvirate of unhealthyness: cheese, bacon and frying).

Several involve the winning combination of doughnuts and bacon. Many involve several kinds of meat. There is even one "meat ship." I swear on a couple of them I was like, "Is that a dead body?"

The site has little to no commentary. Ahh, they speak for themselves though, don't they?

A few look kind of Photoshopped (like the seven pound burrito? or the guy with the sink?) but who cares I guess.

I am grateful to the giant Kit Kat man for recalling Pimp That Snack.