This is money: Bar Luchador to throw epic Guy Fieri tribute party

Party on, Guy!

Party on, Guy! Food Network

Most of the time, "Flavortown" is an elusive abstraction, a greasy, metaphoric Valhalla that Guy Fieri arrives at via Diners, Drive-ins and Dives, his long-running hit show on the Food Network. 

But on July 31, "Flavortown" will become very real. That's when Mexican street-food destination Bar Luchador is throwing its Fieri tribute party, complete with "ridiculous" food, giveaways, prizes, surprises, and a Guy lookalike contest. 

"We are throwing a big party to celebrate the man," Luchador co-owner Angelo Pennacchio tells City Pages. "It is equal parts tongue-in-cheek and also nodding to the fact that he is a fixture; we are grateful for everything he's done for so many small restaurants in the Twin Cities." 

Pennacchio says he's conducted loads of research to channel his "inner Guy." He promises the tribute menu, while conceptually outrageous, will also be delicious. 

Since the event poster teases "a VERY special guest," should we expect a cameo from the icy-tipped, wristband-laden food dude? Don't count on it, but Pennacchio & Co. have sent "a million emails" inviting Fieri, and customers blew up his Twitter feed requesting an appearance. 

"Flavour Country: A Guy Fieri Tribute Night" goes down July 31 from 5-10 p.m. at Bar Luchador in Minneapolis. 

Earlier this year, Luchador won Best Margarita in our Best of the Twin Cities issue. Earlier this summer, Fieri revealed his fabled "Donkey Sauce" is just aioli.

Let's conclude with a shoe-horned local connection: Here's Minnesota food personality Andrew Zimmern discussing Fieri's massive cultural importance, plus the famous New York Times takedown of his Times Square restaurant.