'This is absurd': Petition to save State Fair cheese curd stand

There are a few things you just don't mess with.

There are a few things you just don't mess with. Jamie Laird

Do not mess with cheese curds.

Last week, Minnesotans got mightily up in arms when news broke that the Original Cheese Curd Stand at the State Fair would be no more.

Owners Dick Mueller, Donna Mueller, and Audrey Skarda are retiring after running the stand for 42 years. But fair officials are not transferring the stand permit to the Muellers' son, which the Muellers say would be their choice if the decision were theirs to make.

The Pioneer Press reports that State Fair officials were not under the impression that the Muellers wanted to continue the business with another business partner (their son). After letting the fair know they'd be retiring, the Muellers decided to pass it on to the next generation, but it was too late -- the fair had already planned to allow the Big Fat Bacon booth to move into the space.

Despite the fact that there are still plenty of cheese curds to be had at the fair, including the Mouse Trap stand in the Food Building, where they sell tons of the squeaky snacks annually, Minnesotans are still heated. Curds are sacred, and we should not treat the architects of our beloved Midwestern dish so flippantly.

What to do? Turn to the almighty pen, of course.

Last week, we reported on a petition on to give Maple Grove the “hot dogs we deserve,” after the city council voted not to let Chicago’s famous chain Portillo’s move into a local shopping mall. It worked, and Maple Grove will soon be getting those hot, hot dogs.

Now Minnesotan Thomas Unise has started a petition to save the Original Cheese Curd Stand. The curd cause already has 644 signers and counting.

"The people in charge say, 'There will still be plenty of cheese curds on the fairgrounds.' This is absurd," reads the petition. "The State Fair is about tradition."

And those traditions are the hallowed stuff of our very Midwestern selves. If you, too, feel the white-hot rage burning inside, you can sign the petition here.