This guy gets tattoos in exchange for free food

Is this worth free meals for a year? Jon Hovland thinks so.

Is this worth free meals for a year? Jon Hovland thinks so. Jon Hovland

Jon Hovland loves few things more than food.

His Instagram page reveals him to be an accomplished food stalker. He got the Wagyu Ribeye sandwich special from Lowry Hill Meats. He got caramel apple “doughscuit” special from Mucci’s. There goes the foie gras Dippin’ Dots from Travail.

So when he heard about the tattoo deal from Cook St. Paul-- get a tattoo of the Payne Avenue eatery’s logo and get a free meal every week for a year -- Hovland did the math and said it was a “no brainer.”

He’s since been working his way through the menu, and yes, he’s been taking Cook up on the offer. He volunteers in the area on weekends anyway, so it’s an easy stop, and reward, when he’s finished.

It’s working out so well in fact, that he’s taken Cook up on a second tattoo deal. Hovland got A “Lil Pan Pan” tat, which is Cook’s unofficial mascot. In exchange for that lifelong branding, Hovland will eat two buttermilk pancakes and two eggs at Cook St. Paul for free once a week for a year.

He says he plans to tackle the offers “consecutively, not concurrently." 

Want to take Cook up on a similar offer? Keep your eyes on their Facebook feed for upcoming deals. 

Or, just go to Cook and pay for your food. It's less painful and less permanent that way.