This book club really is all about the wine

Henry & Son is your new favorite wine shop.

Henry & Son is your new favorite wine shop.

There’s a standing joke about book clubs, that they exist mainly as an excuse for members to get together and drink wine. Perhaps attendees talk about the book of the month if enough people have read it -- but mostly they just drink wine.

Sound familiar? Then have we got a book club for you.

Gretchen Skedsvold, co-owner of Henry & Son, the independent wine shop in the Harrison neighborhood of Minneapolis (near International Market Square), is hosting a book club where wine is the main attraction by design.

“Each month we’ll read a book about wine regions, wine lovers, wine history, and other wine-related subjects and taste a few of the wines mentioned in the book,” she says.

The inaugural meeting is September 13, kicking off with Adventures on the Wine Route by Kermit Lynch, an influential American wine importer and winemaker. The book recounts his travels through the wine regions of France, where he spends several months each year searching out great wines and talented wine makers.

“It seemed like an appropriate book to start with, since he’s wandering around France in the late summer,” says Skedsvold.

She originally thought about putting together a book club for industry professionals, but customers were so enthusiastic about the idea that she decided to structure it for the general public instead.

“Learning about the history and the story behind wines and winemakers gives a new perspective on the subject, and learning about wine via a memoir is more fun and less intimidating than memorizing grape varietals,” says Skedsvold.

The book club will meet on the second Tuesday of every month. You can register by calling the store, but walk-ins are welcome, too. Better start reading!

Henry & Son
811 Glenwood Ave., Minneapolis