Third Bird in Loring Park is closing and will become Bearcat Bar, a place to drink and play

Bearcat promises simpler booze and arcade games.

Bearcat promises simpler booze and arcade games. Glen Stubbe, Star Tribune

Third Bird, the Loring Park restaurant by Kim Bartmann in the old Nick and Eddie space never really took flight.

It lacked a clear identity and was easy to forget about. What kind of a place was it? There was some great food coming off the woodfire grill, which was briefly helmed by chef Lucas Almendinger, but it still struggled to stand out amid all of the other strong new concepts in town.

So, they’re closing it, and in its place comes Bearcat Bar. This time, Bartmann's team is promising something the neighborhood can really use — a casual drinker’s bar.

From the press materials: “The beverage menu will be more approachable, faster, and cheaper — do we really need to have 20 bottles of homemade bitters on the bar?! NO. Just good drinks and good prices on fine beer, wine, and cocktails.”

Amen to that.

In that same spirit, the food menu is getting a more relaxed makeover, with a bunch of stuff that regular folks like to eat regularly. Think fries, Juicy Lucys, fried calamari, steak frites, even pho. They’ll still make use of the woodfire grill with stuff like a half chicken & vegetables, duck confit hash, and kimchi rice. And, they’re saying those three magic words: “eggs all day.” 

Guess what else? Arcade games. Playing games where you eat and drink is officially a thing. A big thing, in case you hadn't noticed.

A casual place to get drunk, eat food you don’t have to think hard about, and playing games, all at an affordable price?

We like the identity of this place already.

Opens January 19 at 11 a.m.
1612 Harmon Place