They're vaping booze in Wisconsin now

That's the gang at Milwaukee's Werd Bar, giving the new Alcohol MIST PRO a test inhale.

That's the gang at Milwaukee's Werd Bar, giving the new Alcohol MIST PRO a test inhale. Facebook

Wisconsinites' lust for alcohol is extremely, well, documented

Since achieving statehood in 1848, its residents have guzzled oceans of the stuff via liquids -- beer, wine, spirits, god-knows-what-else. But now, in the age of V.C. #disruption, an innovative new method of getting shit-faced has emerged: vaping. 

Milwaukee's Werd Bar claims to be the first establishment in Wisconsin to offer vape shots, Patch reports

"Come be the first to experience the newest way to take a shot!" bar owner Drew Kent wrote last week in a Facebook post. "Alcohol Mist is a shot that is vaporized into a balloon for you to inhale! Each balloon is equivalent to 2 and a half shots! Don't worry about the calories because your not digesting the shot... you're inhaling it! First bar in Wisconsin to offer this NEWEST sensation."

Each balloon will set ya back $8; patrons will experience "an instant buzz that some describe as uniquely distinct from your everyday drinking experience," according the machine's manufacturer, Vapshot Inc. Tech website Gizmodo describes the booze-vaping process as "one hell of a fun gimmick."

Vapshot's $8,000 Alcohol MIST PRO machine doesn't technically vaporize alcohol (its $10,000 Vapshot PRO does). Instead, it attaches "micro-droplets" of liquid alcohol to the mist shots, which go straight from a latex balloon and into your lungs, resulting in a virtually calorie-free drinking experience. A single 750-milliliter bottle of spirits produces 1,500 shots from the MIST PRO, like the one at Werd Bar. Inhaling alcohol is "potentially even safer" than drinking it, according to Vapshot, though that boast is disputed.

In any case, huffing alcohol presents a bold/boozy new frontier for our famously wasted neighbors to the East. Godspeed.