These were your favorite Bite Squad restaurants of 2018

Revival joined Bite Squad this year and quickly hopped into the top five.

Revival joined Bite Squad this year and quickly hopped into the top five. Bre McGee, Star Tribune

Statistics! As a high school student, they're the worst, a distraction from all the drinking and lusting and general dicking off you'd rather be doing. 

As an employed adult, though? Now, when you're ass-deep in spreadsheets, those same statistics are the dicking-off activity. 

Take the ones below, which should distract you from the TPS report you're supposed to be filing for the next five minutes at least. Provided by Twin Cities-based food delivery service Bite Squad, they outline the 10 most popular dishes and the five most popular restaurants folks ordered last year. And they actually paint a pretty cool picture about our too-lazy-for-takeout ordering habits. 

In the rest of the U.S., Bite Squad data shows that the five most-ordered munchies were wings, burgers, pizza, burritos, and fried rice.

Not so in Minneapolis and St. Paul, where just one burger—the Ultimate Burger at Red Cow—even cracked the top ten. Here, we were much more likely to go for Revival's Cheddar Drop Biscuits or Mac and Cheese (No. 8 and 3, respectively) or get Pimento Jamaican Kitchen's One Love Special or Kingston Style Jerk Chicken (No. 9 and 7). 

But the most-ordered-from restaurant in town was Coconut Thai, where three dishes—Fresh Thai Spring Rolls, Fried Cream Cheese Wontons, and Pad Thai, which took home the No. 1 spot—were all among the top 10. 

Here are the most-delivered foods of the year in Minneapolis-St. Paul, according to Bite Squad's crack data compilation team:

10. Ultimate Burger from Red Cow
9. One Love Special from Pimento Jamaican Kitchen
8. Cheddar Drop Biscuits from Revival
7. Kingston Style Jerk Chicken from Pimento Jamaican Kitchen
6. Fried Cream Cheese Wontons from Coconut Thai
5. Sweet Corn-Cornbread from Brasa Rotisserie
4. Fresh Thai Spring Rolls from Coconut Thai
3. Mac & Cheese from Revival
2. Naan from Darbar India Grill (for the second year in a row)
1. Pad Thai from Coconut Thai (for the secnd year in a row)

And your five favorite restaurants were:

5. Revival
4. French Meadow Bakery & Cafe
3. Darbar India Grill
2. Red Cow
1. Coconut Thai

"Minneapolis folks ate a lot more collard greens (6,739 percent more) and banana cream pie (1,869 percent) in 2018 than the year prior (thanks to the arrival of Revival!), and also significantly more Tennessee Hot Chicken Sandwiches from Red Cow," Bite Squad reports.

You can find all the Twin Cities' data here (filed under "Minneapolis" alone, though a Bite Squad rep promises us they took St. Paul orders into account as well).

The company's nationwide Year In Review numbers are here, and if you want to look into how people ordered in Honolulu or Memphis or... I don't know, Little Rock? You can do that too.