These restaurants are closed today for 'A Day Without Immigrants' protest


If you're heading out to eat today, you might find that some of your favorite restaurants are shuttered.

Thursday, February 16, kitchens across the Twin Cities are observing "A Day Without Immigrants," a national protest to illustrate the impact immigrants have on America's economy and culture. 

We reported yesterday that El Burrito Mercado and El Nuevo Rodeo would be closed all day Thursday in observance of the strike. We've since recieved a growing list of restaurants that are joining the movement, many, though not all of them Latino owned and operated. Here is that list: 

Las Mojarras
Panadería San Miguel
La Alborada
Mercado Central
Mi Boleto
La Poblanita
Taqueria La Hacienda
Super Mercado Morelia
La Mexicana
Los Ocampo
El Nuevo Rodeo
Gorditas el Gordo
Merlins Rest (will not have kitchen open)
El Chinelo Market
Los Hornos Del Rey
Taco Taxi
Los Gallos (all 15 locations)
La Loma
World Street Kitchen and Milkjam 
Al Vento
Hola Arepa 
Mesa Pizza, all locations 
Sonora Grill 
Victor's 1959 Cafe 
Boca Chica Restaurante y Cantina & Boca Chica Taco House
Tinto Cocina + Cantina
Pimento Jamaican Kitchen 
All of Hector Ruiz' restaurants, including La Fresca, Costa Blanca Bistro, Cafe Ena, and Rincon 38 
Zen Box Izakaya
All Blue Plate Restaurants, including The Lowry, Mercury Dining Room, The Longfellow Grill, Edina Grill, The Freehouse, 3 Squares, Groveland Tap, Highland Grill, and Bottle Rocket 
Foxy Falafel
Hard Times Cafe 
Joan's in The Park 
Ramen Kazama
Rainbow Chinese
Bar La Grassa 

In addition, staff at all of Kim Bartmann's restaurants (Tiny Diner, Bryant Lake Bowl, Pat's Tap, Barbette, Bearcat) have been issued a letter in both Spanish and English informing them that they may participate in the strike without repercussion at work. The letter reads: 

"If you choose to strike from work on 2.16.17 or 2.17.17, I will support your right to protest; your job will not be in danger. In light of our no-call, no-show policy, you should notify us 24 hours in advance of your shift.

If you choose to work on 2.16.17 and 2.17.17, you will take part in a cohesive moment in our community, when patrons of our neighborhood restaurants gravitate to the places they know they will be WELCOME regardless of their identity- as they have through many election cycles, through local & national tragedies and triumphs, weather events, power outages, and meals with family and friends.

As a company, we are here to truly feed people, to respect that we are all connected. We’re here for healthy food, healthy soil, for clean water, for clean air, for all people. True democracy can safeguard these basic human needs, and so we encourage you to find your voice and to organize as you see fit.

Whatever calls you, we encourage you to organize. Find your voice and decide what you are for and what you are against. True democratic process requires action."