There's still time to cancel your Valentine's Day plans and make a reservation at White Castle

No place for hiding, baby. No place to run. You pull the trigger of my love bun.

No place for hiding, baby. No place to run. You pull the trigger of my love bun. Facebook: White Castle

I implore you: Does anything say true love like a White Castle slider?

The best romances, after all, are as hot and steamy as a just-off-the-griddle patty. They can weather any storm, much like a 97-year-old stalwart that's stayed faithful even as other, shinier fast food brands have popped up all around them. And what is Harold and Kumar if not a tale about the lengths to which we'll go for the ones we love -- whether they're a life partner or a platonic best friend or a little square burger?

Having presented this compelling argument, a reminder: You can make your Valentine's Day reservations at White Castle now. And you might wanna do so quickly -- in the Twin Cities, "the limited seats are almost all taken," according to a Tuesday press release from the burger brand, which notes that they're expecting a "record turnout" this year.

This may surprise you if your trips to the Castle generally fall into the stumble-in-drunk-at-one-in-the-morning category, but they've actually hosted a V-Day celebration every year since 1991 (!), according to Eater. It's become a tradition; tablecloths come out, heart-shaped balloons fill the dining room, and shareable, two-person meals make a once-a-year menu appearance. There's table service. There are special smoothies.

Maybe you'll even have such a good time that you decide to host your eventual nupitals at the fast food restaurant, like this couple did:

Reservations are available from 4 to 9 p.m., and this is the first year you can book online through OpenTable (or the OpenTable app). You can also save your spot by calling the Minneapolis regional White Castle office at 651-646-1811.

Hey, it's probably your only chance to spend February 14 in a castle.