There's No Place Like Third Place


The Washington Post Style section published an engaging opinion piece about the idea of the "third place" in our lives; home is the first place, work the second, and that special bar/restaurant/coffee shop the third. It's a place where you're emotionally rooted, even though you're out in public, among a mix of friends and strangers.

Writer Bruce Johansen moved to the D.C. area in 1994, but he uses his Post soapbox to recall some of his favorite Minneapolis eateries, starting with memories from a recent trip back to a Dunn Bros. Coffee shop, and moving on from there:

Opening the door to Matt's Bar in Minneapolis, I'm comforted by the dark exterior that never changes, and the knowledge that a "jucy lucy" — a burger with piping hot cheese in its center — is in store. It's a place where I've joined friends and co-workers for more than 25 years, so being there stirs memories. At the Bryant-Lake Bowl I know I'll be served a tall, cold Summit Ale — my favorite local brew — while listening to the crash of pins in the adjoining lanes. Stopping at the Band Box Diner, I'll be greeted by owner Brad, who will stop to chat in between flipping pancakes and refilling coffee cups. These idiosyncratic places are Minneapolis to me.

Speaking personally, that "third place" was/is Barbette, but now that I've moved to Longfellow, the search is on for a new home base... it's almost as though I need to move a second time.

Much as I loathe artificially "stimulating" questions at the end of blog posts, I would be curious if any TC Eater readers had places you consider to be your home away from home.