There Is Now a Board Game for Craft Beer Nerds


These days everybody owns a brewery, right?

Soon you can do so from your own home, with the Brewin' USA game from Twin Cities designer Adam Rehberg. And you don't even have to clean out the kettles or wait for the Feds to finish their paperwork first. In fact, it advertises that you can take over the country's beer market in just 60 minutes, using bottle caps as currency.

The game combines Risk-like geographic strategy with bidding wars over ingredient cards. It's a game of conquest, but with a fun subject matter and a fast pace.

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"I tried to focus on the things that were sexy when dreaming about starting my own brewery," says Rehberg, a homebrewer himself, who dreams of someday taking the leap into brick-and-mortar brewing. He shied away from more complex industry details to keep it fun and simple, with universal appeal.

With some help from the folks at Cards Against Humanity -- a game that is already played in many of the state's taprooms -- the new "Euro Board Game" is set to be in production this fall, and Rehberg and his helpers have launched a Kickstarter campaign to fund the first run.


He entered an early version in the Tabletop Deathmatch, a Cards Against Humanity sponsored competition for new games. As a finalist, he received design and illustration help to get it off the ground.

Will it appeal to non-drinkers? That remains to be seen, but early Kickstarter reaction has been positive, with over 50 percent funding reached in the first three days.

"Brewin' USA is definitely themed about beer," he admits, "but I have heard great feedback even from non-beer drinkers. Breaking into a non-beer drinking market will be a much slower process, but if the game play is solid, it will definitely be a possibility," he says. "Success is based on game merit."

It worked for the Farming Game.

Real craft brewery logos appear in the game, including Minnesota breweries like Indeed, LynLake, Bent Brewstillery, and more. These details are still being worked out as funds are raised, and Brewin' USA is sure to appear in some local taprooms on an awareness-building Game Night campaign coming soon. In the meantime, homebrewers will have to keep working on those real-life business plans.

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