The world's best coffee? Spyhouse has Gesha right now


So what are you going to buy the exxxtreme foodie in your life now that Mast Brothers has been revealed as a big, festering boondoggle?  

Gesha is widely considered by coffee snobs to be the most sought after cultivar in the world. Spyhouse spotted some, via local importer Cafe Imports, which has a longstanding relationship with the Panamanian farm where the beans are being grown. So they bought the whole shebang. But they paid five times over market price for it, and so will you. Sort of.

Tony Querio, lead roaster for Spyhouse, says he's seen a pourover cup of Gesha go for $10 or even $12. At Spyhouse, it's going for $5.25 — "To get it into more people's hands, so they can see how special it is."

If you want to pass the love on to your loved ones, it will cost you a little more. A beautifully packaged eight-ounce bottle of beans goes for $50.

Spyhouse calls it "super fancy spendy coffee." But coffee connoisseurs the world over call it "simply incomparable," and Querio says that there is "nothing commercially available on this level." Most agree that it is the most sought after coffee bean in the world. 

It's so difficult to get because once thought extinct, it only grows in microclimates, in perfect conditions with great care. Then it must be roasted and treated with equal care after cultivation to bring out its inherent beauty. It can take up to five years to be ready for cultivation. 

Spyhouse is only selling a limited supply of 300 eight-ounce bottles. As far as stocking stuffers go, it's pretty heady stuff.