The World Cup of potato chip flavors needs your vote

As an American, you are most likely unaware that the biggest sporting event for the rest of the world will take place in just over a month: the World Cup of soccer (or football to everyone else) begins in South Africa on June 11. In honor of this explosive display of athletics, potato chip company Walkers is holding a Flavor Cup to determine which of its 15 new country-themed crisps will take top honors.

So while you may not care about whether the U.S. can whip Algeria in Group C of the World Cup, you damn well better be voting for American Cheeseburger, the Yank-themed chips we're saddled with. Of course, it's understandable if you're itching to pick something a little more adventurous, like Scottish Haggis, Welsh Rarebit, English Roast Beef and Yorkshire Pudding or Australian BBQ Kangaroo.

Of course, it's tough to top my all-time favorite Walkers crisp flavor, which sadly falls outside the country-specific theme: Cajun squirrel.

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