The Weekender Bloody Mary at Ike's: 100 favorite dishes, No. 96

Some may be spicier, some may be stronger, but no bloody in the Twin Cities can top the Weekender Bloody Mary for sheer scale and ambition. On a recent Sunday morning, one member of a large party waiting at the host's stand enthusiastically explained the famous beverage to his fellow diners: "It's like a whole meal in a glass!" Precisely, sir.

The Weekender Bloody Mary at Ike's: 100 favorite dishes, No. 96

Available only from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. on Saturdays and Sundays during Ike's all-you-can-eat family-style brunch, the Weekender fits in perfectly with the morning meal's spirit of excess and indulgence. Adorned with no fewer than 10 garnishes, the Weekender is a veritable platter of amuse-bouches to prep your palate for the feast to come. Taking up two skewers, the garnishes include a green olive, black olive, beef stick, shrimp, cube of cheddar, pickled green bean, celery, lime, pickle, and peperoncini. The drink itself is pleasantly spiced without being overwhelming and is served with a generously salted rim.

Unless your Sunday schedule allows you to go back to bed for a post-brunch nap, consider trying the virgin version of the drink, which cuts the price from $9.75 to $5.95 while maintaining all of its signature deliciousness.

IKE'S FOOD AND COCKTAILS 50 S. Sixth St. Minneapolis 612.746.4537

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