The Wedge makes Saveur's top 100


In the cover story of its latest issue, Saveur Magazine recognizes its top 100 favorite "foods, drinks, people, places and things" for the home cook in 2009.

Rolling in at #82: our very own Wedge Co-op. The magazine calls the Uptown grocery "extraordinary" for its commitment to community, its member ownership and its longevity.

While I personally find the whole list a bit lofty head-in-the-clouds (five entries devoted to salt? really?) I appreciate the shoutouts to lasagna (#36), homemade ketchup (#37) and the late Paul Newman (#64).

Now if the dang Wedge would only pave a little more of its paradise and put up a bigger parking lot ...

Did I just say that?

I know, I should bike. I'm a terrible person.