The Ultimate Thanksgiving Guide: Everything you need

We've got all your Thanksgiving resources right here.

We've got all your Thanksgiving resources right here.

D-I-Y Thanksgiving Already complaining about how much meal prep you have to do? Then read about how Florence and Dave Minar of Cedar Summit Dairy have churned butter, killed a turkey, and grown their own wheat in preparation for Thursday's all-local feast. (courtesy Pioneer Press)

Is 2010 the year of Baconsgiving? After The Hot Dish sipped bacon soda, we decided, eh, maybe not.

5 Great Take-Home Thanksgiving meals Why cook when you can let Lucia's Brasa, or Kowalski's do it for you?


D'Amico, Cosmos and other restaurants serving Thanksgiving Or, alternately, head to a restaurant for tomorrow's big meal. Buffets, Italian fare, and steaks--and professional cooks who won't let the turkey get dry.

Thanksgiving hostess gifts Headed to someone else's house? Don't go empty handed!

Thanksgiving Wine Pairings from Surdyk's and Lake Wine and Spirits Confused about pairing tannins with turkey? Let the experts help. (courtesy Heavy Table)

Splendid Table's Thanksgiving Triage line Is the panic starting to set in? Did you really forget to defrost the turkey? Ask Lynne Rosetto Kaspar what to do in the Splendid Table's two-hour live radio call-in, which starts Thursday at 11 a.m. ET/10 a.m. CT. There's a live chat on the web, too. 800.537.5252 (courtesy Minnesota Public Radio)

Best iPhone apps for Thanksgiving cooks Now aren't you the tech-savvy cook? Get Mark Bittman in the palm of your hand.

Oh You Turkey coloring contest Pick up a copy of the StarTribune and keep the kids busy with the front page of Variety.

Persimmon Margarita-- a tropical Thanksgiving cocktail You survived the mega-meal and all the family feuding! Now sit back and relax with a batch of these.

Five ways to put food on the table for local charities at Thanksgiving Remember what this holiday is really about. Here's how you can give back.

Blue Plate offers free breakfast on Black Friday And yes, don't forget, the Edina, Highland, and Longfellow Grills, plus 3 Squares, open at 4 a.m. offering free and discounted food to the first 250 guests!