The Twins just announced new 'family-friendly' concessions prices for 2019

Included in the new pricing? Five-buck brews.

Included in the new pricing? Five-buck brews. Lucy Hawthorne

The song doesn't go: Take me out to the baaaallgaaame! Make my accountant proud!

MLB stadiums are not, on the whole, particularly famous for offering "reasonable" prices on food and drinks. They know exactly where they have you, which is inside, with no re-entry, willing to pay a premium for your peanuts and Cracker Jacks (and hot dogs, and beers).

And if you're trying to feed a full family? The kids might not be clamoring for bombers of Budweiser, but they will eat their way through a $50 faster than Byron Buxton scorches around third base.

But this very morning, the Twins organization announced changes to that with new family-friendly concession pricing for the 2019 season. It's just more good food news for Minnesota fans, who already have access to better-than-average ballpark fare like cheese-stuffed Kramarczuk's brats and Holy Land hummus (plus the country's most vegan-friendly ballpark). 

The penny-pinching pricing will be available at the State Fair concessions stands (sections 133 and 327) on some of Target Field’s most popular snacks and drinks. Said stands will also offer a "more convenient self-checkout process," per Wednesday's press release, in which fans will place their order on touchscreen kiosks.

Here's what you'll be able to save on:

· Schweigert™ Hot Dog - $4
· Nachos - $4
· Soft Pretzels - $4
· Peanuts - $3
· Popcorn - $3
· 16oz Pepsi, Diet Pepsi, Mountain Dew or Sierra Mist - $2
· 12oz Budweiser or Bud Light - $5

(Do we wish those Bud heavies were 16-ouncers? Sure do! But it's still a nice gesture.)

“The affordability of the Target Field experience remains paramount to our efforts to attract kids and families to the ballpark," Twins President/CEO Dave St. Peter said in a statement. "Moreover, we believe the family-friendly concessions will only further enhance Target Field’s longstanding reputation for delivering the best in food and beverage."

In 2017, Atlanta Falcons owner Arthur Blank helped popularize the recent trend of billionaire sports owners sparing fans from nacho-induced bankruptcy via cheaper food options

The Twins' home opener is scheduled for March 28, the first of a three-game series against Cleveland. Pay no mind to the just-above-freezing temps forecast for the week before.