The Third Bird Invites You to Dine With the Bartenders, Cooks, and Servers

Come see what The Third Bird has in store for Industry Night Monday Family Meals.

Come see what The Third Bird has in store for Industry Night Monday Family Meals.

It's a dirty little secret in the restaurant world that industry folks (especially cooks) can't really afford to dine at the kinds of restaurants they work for. So savvy restaurants extend hospitality deals, mostly on Monday nights for industry folk's night off.

Restaurants don't always advertise these deals, and nor do they always extend discounts to civilians, but Third Bird is doing the favor of both, every Monday.

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Their weekly Monday night Family Meals are a mere $10 if you're in the biz and $16 if you're not.

And, bonus: Industry nights are the chef's time to really shine, because they know they're feeding peers, greatly in need of sustenance and booze (so drink specials will be included too).

The menus will rotate constantly.

The menu for tonight, January 26:

Family Style Bo Saam Whole Roasted Heritage Pork Shoulder Vegan Fried Chicken with Pok Pok Sauce Kimchee, Pickled Veggies, Lettuce Cups, and More

What's the best deal in town if this is not? It's a Korean family-style feast most recently made famous by David Chang at New Yorks Momofuku. People can sometimes wait months for a reservation, and pay up to $225 for parties of 10.

Do the math; it pays to eat local.

If you can't make family meal, try to make brunch. Chef Lucas Allmendinger has recently rolled out new menus, and as a wee extra incentive for trying them out: a complimentary mimosa or Hangar 1 Bloody Mary with the purchase of brunch on Saturdays only, 9 a.m. to 3 p.m.

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