The Taste of Minnesota is dead


We could already hear the death rattle back in October, but it appears that International Event Management has finally led Taste of Minnesota out to the woods and put a bullet in its brain.

IEM, which only took two years to drive the 27-year-old event into the ground, was clearly in trouble after this year's event on Harriet Island. Besides the abysmal attendance, shitty weather and $30 admission, a bunch of people didn't get paid.


By last count, the city of St. Paul was owed $110,000, resulting in Taste's ouster from its location at Harriet Island back in October. The St. Paul police were due $87,000 for their services; Parks and Rec was waiting on $23,700. Several food vendors were dicked out of sums as high as $12,000, as was a youth rugby nonprofit.

Now a letter from IEM has made it clear that they'll be waiting for their money for a very, very long time.

"We have exhausted all known avenues for a sale of Taste, meaning that you and other creditors will receive no additional payments, as there is no money," wrote Andy Faris, IEM's managing partner. "We have made the difficult decision to 'close our doors' and cease operations immediately."

In a weak attempt at solidarity, Faris pointed out that IEM has lost a substantial amount in the Taste's implosion. That's cold cheese curds given the city will likely have to eat the losses.

The city is accepting applications for a new Fourth of July event, and applicants may want to make a note: Keep ticket prices loooowwww.