The Strip Club's El Poncho Roto: a tequila-riffic drink of the week

The Broken Poncho

The Broken Poncho

The Broken Poncho

El Poncho Roto

The Strip Club Meat & Fish
378 Maria Ave., St. Paul, 651.793.6247

While tequila sometimes conjures images of party-hearty foolishness, it is a fine spirit, forceful in flavor, yet easy to quiet and blend into a cocktail--like this one, starting with sweet corn-infused tequila and going coo-coo crazy from there.


The name of this drink, El Poncho Roto, translates roughly to "The Broken Poncho." OK, Dan the barman made up that choice name on the spot, but it suits this fusion. First, he takes that tequila base and matches it with the botanicals of Hum, a hibiscus, ginger and cardmom flavored liqueur---sounds good already, right?--then adds a little St. Germain for floral scent and extra complexity, homemade lime sour mix for bright citrus, habanero bitters for hot-cha-cha, and tops it all off with ginger beer making it so fizzy and sippable.

Not only do all these flavors work together like a dream, they create the most lovely hue, like rose wine. It's a drink that hits every summer note while making up a few new ones, too.