The Simple Sandwich makes lunch automatic

Touch me....there.
Touch me....there.

If the main reason you eat lunch at your desk every day is a fear of human interaction, then it's time you hit the Minneapolis skyway to explore the Simple Sandwich. Located in the Fifth Street Towers, this new locally owned lunch spot offers customers a self-serve ordering process meant to streamline the sandwich experience.

Sure, they still have a human staff--and you're welcome to order from them at the register--but the interaction-averse can belly up to a touch-screen system to order combos mixing sandwiches, soups, and salads with sides like fruit and kettle chips.

The genius of the touch screen becomes evident when the list of sandwich fixings flashes before your eyes: five breads, six meats, a heap of veggie toppings to sift through, and even the option to have the whole shebang grilled. Salad choices are equally as lengthy, all the way down to the seven dressing options.

The other half was automatically ingested
The other half was automatically ingested

Wrap your order up with a swipe of your debit or credit card, and your order appears, fully assembled, at the end of the counter. A separate dining room offers plenty of space to spread out, because obviously you're not going to be sharing your solo sandwich experience with another human being.

Of course, an automated sandwich is only as good as its crappiest bite, right? Luckily, the Simple Sandwich gets pretty much everything right: soft bread, the perfect amount of mustard, and a healthy un-Subway-like restraint with the lettuce. Crunchy, seasoned kettle chips round out the hefty lunch, which might have you leaving your crusts on the plate. Our only complaint? The simple carries over to their policy on bathrooms, which are non-existent.

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