The record-setting 2018 Minnesota State Fair by the numbers

Jeff Wheeler, Star Tribune

Jeff Wheeler, Star Tribune

Y'all sure got together at the Great Minnesota Get-Together this year.

If you felt like you bumped into more sweaty strangers than usual, it wasn't a heat-related hallucination. According to numbers released by the Minnesota State Fair on Tuesday, we smashed five daily attendance records in 2018:

Thursday, Aug. 23, with 122,695 visitors
Saturday, Aug. 25, with 222,194 visitors
Wednesday, Aug. 29, with 144,940 visitors
Thursday, Aug. 30, with 156,764 visitors
Saturday, Sept. 1, with 270,426 visitors

...and that claustrophobically large September 1 number is the new all-time single-day attendance record. No wonder the Nordic Waffles line was so long.

Unsurprisingly, all those ultra-high individual days made for a new overall attendance record of 2,046,533. (The previous peak -- 1,997,320 -- was reached just last year.)

Elsewhere in record-setting, August 25's Purple Ribbon Auction set seven new record prices while raising more than $690,000 to benefit youth programs. And $62,000 of that total was given out in the form of scholarships awarded to 40 young people.

And in an adorable 2018 first? Six baby goats were born at the Miracle of Birth Center.

Take a look at some more facts and figures below.

  • Seven new rides made their debut: Downdraft, Haunted Castle Dark Ride, Rock Star, Super Frisbee, Twin Flip, Combination Carousel, Teacups.
  • You had 27 official new foods to try (for the last time, our reviews of the newbies are here).
  • Browersville's Rebekka Paskewitz was crowned the 65th Princess Kay of the Milky Way (despite some ribbing from Twitter). She'll be the "official goodwill ambassador" for roughly 3,000 Minnesota dairy farm families.
  • In addition to the six kids, 157 piglets, 12 calves, and 42 lambs popped out in the birth barn for a total of 217 newborn animals.
  • The fair recognized 12 Best Awards winners: The Anchor Coffee House, Big Bamboo Fun House, Blue Cross Blue Shield of Minnesota, The Hangar, Haunted Castle Dark Ride, Minnesota United FC, Nordic Waffles, Paddle North, Rainbow Midwest Inc., The Vintage Tin, Whatnot Boutique, and Whopper Water.

That's all the butter-carving, animal-birthing, new-food-scarfing fun for now -- see you August 22, 2019, everyone.