The Paris Martini at Lucia's: We'll always have this drink of the week

Transport yourself to Paris by way of Minneapolis with a patio cocktail at Lucia's
Transport yourself to Paris by way of Minneapolis with a patio cocktail at Lucia's
Kelly Moritz

Paris Martini Lucia's Restaurant and Wine Bar $12

A casually chic café set close to a busy street, a wisp of charming music drifting by across the chatter of couples out enjoying the first patio days of the season: capture the romance of it all with the Paris Martini at Lucia's. This drink of the week is a nod to the joy of spring and the glorious, restorative feeling that comes with seeing buds on trees.

The beauty of the Paris Martini, and everything on the menu at Lucia's, lies in its simplicity and choice of quality ingredients, each element tempting on its own and allowed to shine through unfussy preparation. Sapphire gin meets St. Germain elderflower liqueur, and a kick of orange bitters to be served ice cold and up, garnished with an orange slice for good measure to work wonders on your sense of smell while you sip.

Perched on your wrought-iron chair, people watching for sport, admire the elegance of your afternoon indulgence: clean, crisp, and bursting with botanicals from all fronts, this cocktail will sweep you off your feet and into a fictionalized Paris in springtime afternoon reverie complete with accordion music and beret. As you take your last sip a few drops of spring rain start to fall, so you break the spell and rush off back into the bustle of the street, but you'll always have that one perfect drink.

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Lucia's Restaurant and Wine Bar

1432 W. 31st St.
Minneapolis, MN 55408


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